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Life Mission Creep Meets The Gap

It was Ira Glass who did a brilliant exposé on The Gap, which is the difference between how you see your creative potential in your head and how your actual talent/experience allows you to execute it.

For me it’s always been easy to apply repetitive concepts to achieve beautiful results. I am talking about knitting, embroidery here, not farming. The care of living things is not the same. I enjoy relating to my animals and insects and I also vary their experiences a lot so they maintain their curious playful nature.

I have welcomed my first cavy (guinea pig) and she is adorable. Loafie is only a few months old and she is growing before our eyes. I got her from a neighbour. She is the first of the tiny little herd of cavy. She spent the first few days yelling at everything and sounding like a car alarm. Now she is friendly and cuddly and very sweet. If I wanted to truly simulate the Ecuadorian plan, I would need 9 females and 1 male… That is too many car alarms for now and I have more pressing projects to address.

I have welcomed my tiny little flock of quails! I purchased 10 quails from a farmer close to Drummondville, QC. They are from a Coturnix strain that has been maximized for size over 20 years. These are the same quails that produce the eggs served in Montreal’s finest restaurants. I am beyond impressed with these lovely birds. They are 6 weeks old and the males are starting to crow. Right now, they are enjoying the good life in my living room. I have them in 3 bins with 5 each. The 3rd bin is for my adult quail, which was an extra and tends to terrorize the younger quails. I think it is a male. The quails can jump or fly out of their container so it’s not a perfect solution but until their habitat is built, it will have to do. What is interesting is that they enjoy hanging out and being pet. So I can place my hand in the container and one will usually come over to be picked up. They are much more friendly, curious and sweet sounding that I ever expected. I love birds and used to keep a lot of finches when I was in my early 20s. The little sounds they make is lovely. They adult quail makes a distant cricket sound! I am planning on making a small chicken tractor so they can roam on grass outside and be safe. We have too many predators here to leave quails outside.

The feeding situation is fantastic and it is good for me too. I buy a variety of veggies and still grow a lot of microgreens in my expanding aquaponic system (no fish yet). I have been collecting grains, obvious and rare to try out recipe application and flours. I make my own feed and they love it. So the quails get 2 meals of whatever greens are available cut up in tiny pieces with a bit of live mealworms. I bought a scale to weigh them so I will be able to gauge their growth. They have not started laying eggs yet. The cavy gets the same thing but cut up in bigger pieces. And I also get a bunch of veggies. I have gotten a manual masticating juicer and grow as many flats as I can of wheatgrass. Wheat grass juice is intense and gross, but it’s good for us. I will start juicing again now that I have an outlet for the mash.

But when will I have time to build all these things and film all these projects? I have 4 trips coming up this summer and will require a quail sitter for one of them. Luckily we have a farm boy neighbor who loves to help out.

What about the cat? My cat is completely uninterested with the new animals. He lives to hang out with humans and chat. You now how you can talk to a cat by meowing randomly in various tones? My cat does the opposite, he talks like we do randomly assign meaning to the tone he uses. Yes, he can say a few words but it is his effort to pronounce words that’s so hilarious.

This summer I will be spending a whole week in Ottawa to accompany my daughter who is a trumpetter. I will be staying close to The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum and plan on spending at least one full day there.

On another note, I have had more success raising superworms. Since I keep my adult Zoophobas Morio as pets, the container they are in isn’t as practical for egg production. But I now have over 100 superworms from my initial 11 beetles. I have now pupated 12 more and 10 have already emerged. I will outfit another tall glass habitat for them as well.

As this happens, the Garbage Gods are smiling upon us and providing exactly what we need to further our building projects. I am amazed at how people throw away exactly what I need in my projects. I am receiving my electronic automation components from China much faster than expected.

But I am in the midst of realizing how there are not enough hours in the day to build all the things I want to build and I don’t necessarily have the talent to execute what I see in my head exactly right… But that’s not the worst problem to have. This year I wanted to build a workshop/studio to film and produce educational and entertaining content for Youtube… I have the workshop with custom built-ins about 50% done. I have most of the equipment (my new phone films in 4K) to capture my projects. I still do not have the skills to produce IRL, the sleek videos that play vividly in my head. But the projects will continue, even if the documenting of them isn’t that obvious.

See ya soon!

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