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We are two anarchists in our 40s with teenage children who are obsessed with human potential and self-sufficiency. We clock over 50 years of DIY obsessions and live a very custom hacked lifestyle that may not be right for anyone else, but we hear it’s entertaining. In the past 10 years, I (Marie-Lynn) have moved my family 8 times, always trying to find a practical, healthy and inexpensive place to work and play. He (Stephane) is an autistic nocturnal creature who is rarely spotted during the day. Soon he will go back to school and start a machinist training program. We live in “Rock Bottom”, Qu├ębec and it’s fine by us (yes, that it the actual name of our town but it sounds much more luxurious in French!)

We make the most of our time in Montreal and try to support our neighborhood’s businesses which trend toward middle and far Eastern groceries. Our lives are a constant treasure hunt of flavours, thrifting, garage sales and surprisingly fruitful dumpster diving! We love find, fix and pervert vintage technology and are constantly wondering whether we should fix it, tear it, sell it or trash it. We don’t need a car but are on the hunt for an old (non-computerized) Chevette or a 4-seater pick-up for peanuts so we can (constantly) fix it and learn how to keep a vintage/antique car in order.

Our 3-bedroom basement apartment is rich with unused space, high ceilings and weird corners. And since it is relatively inexpensive for the market, we love it here! We are in the middle of a multi-year process of developing clever ways of being more self-sufficient while using less fiat money. We are already 1 year into a mealworm raising project which we call our Tiny Little Herd. We are growing a Tiny Little Crop of micro-greens such as radish, alfalfa, lentils, beans, mung beans, peas and now sunflower sprouts. I will try to sprout any seed I find! Soon this high-quality food can be enjoyed by our next Tiny Little Herd of cavy and quail.

We enjoy spending time with each other. We are both free agents who work helping others reach their full potential in business (programming and sys admin) and in life (martial arts and mobility training) and suffer the usual ups and downs in cash flow of contract work and small business. Rather than go back to selling our waking hours in bulk to an employer, we decided to re-engineer life and the universe to work for us! So far, it has worked better than expected.

I am a miniaturist (in the general sense of loving small things) and avid long-time collector of many vintage and antique things, especially things that can be hung on the wall. We curate a vast and unique collection of rare books on military and combat strategy as well as health, science and craftsmanship which can be used by students and professionals of the gaming industry.

I have been documenting my creative life on the internet for decades but making video is the learning curve I am now navigating.

Join us as we hack life, craft cuteness, dumpster dive, fix our stuff, recycle and engineer tools from discarded materials!

We do not have a postal box!
Do not send us stuff!
We have way too much stuff!

Our direct email is [email protected].


Marie-Lynn and Stéphane

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