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A Constant Harvest of Goodness – My First Youtube Video

The part where I raise, grow, build and cook things is easy… The part where I document it is haaaaard LOL

So my first video took three weeks of on and off work to complete. I’ve only been making tests for two years! Since then, the youtube video game has gotten pretty sophisticated. In my video there’s multiple angles and photos from four (4) devices as well as music and narration. Ouf! But I did it with the help of Stephane who studied 3D and understands what all the options mean in DaVinci Resolve.

Yesterday I took a few quails outside (they REALLY don’t enjoy the roosters’ attentions and fly out of their bin). I have two roosters (9 hens) and originally I wanted to be absolutely certain that I would at least have 1 rooster left because the farmer who provided these is hours away. My ratio is good for quails in a 1/1 s.f. situation but there are always a few quails that get out and find a corner to rest in. I took all my mealworms out of the second bathroom so it can be a quiet spot for the quail and the cavy as we power tool our way through a few strategic building projects. I am taking “peace and quiet” into consideration while building the quail coop. They will have about 1 3/4 ft. square each as well as access to areas to rest without the other quails walking on them. And I have purchased additional hardware cloth to make a big quail run for the backyard. My landlord is familiar with quails and used to hunt them with his friends in Northern Pakistan when he was a young man. Quails are quite easy to harvest as you walk through a field of grass and just catch the jumpers! They are sweet birds and therefore easy snacks. We have many types of predators here and a population of ferile cats so I can’t leave my quails outside without supervision.

I constantly worry that my homesteading hobbies are too “dirty” for this precious immaculately up kept 4-plex but they have been incredibly nice and supportive. This winter, we will submit to them a plan for a combination BBQ-Pizza/Bread Oven-Smoker-Tandoor which we want to build in the back yard (what is the point of getting up if you can’t exaggerate through life?!) Since this is not something we will be able to move, we need to plan it and use it with them and figure out the whole Halal procedures since Bacon is our middle name 🙂

The quails are still young but producing 1-3 eggs per day which is a welcomed treat. In my future: Miniature scotch eggs, adorable tiny friend eggs on my winter ramen bowls and more.

Quail egg in a mushroom cap… Very Pinterest.

Not all my projects are going as planned. The aquaponics system is a mess of rotting seeds and fruit flies. I have taken it all apart twice and it is currently on hold until August 1. I have received the sensors and grow lights so it will be satisfying to finish this and get fish! The fish (in our 90L tank) can eat the eventual fly larvea and keep the balance in our system. I might even try to wild catch some young pikes from the river with my minnow net (potentially bad ideas are always the best!) Else it will be good ole feed goldfish from the pet store.

See you soon!

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